Fathers Day, how brilliant is that!


I am not sure who invented Fathers Day, I have a feeling that it might have been Mr Clinton of Clinton cards, probably not Bill Clinton although in truth he should have just stuck to sending cards.

Both my sons did me proud my eldest came up to work on Saturday and helped with the latest metamorphosis as the business changes. We started as a small caterpillar  and developed into a butterfly during the 70’s we had five shop units full of everything you would need to go on the water. However as the new business rates takes effect and the total destruction of the high street gathers pace, we are turning back into a caterpillar, with very small premises.

My youngest son spent Sunday driving the rib for me and we photographed the Merlins, Fireballs, and Scorpions at Hayling Island Sailing Club. Conditions were bumpy with the short Hayling chop but in photographic terms perfect!

The most photogenic helm, and a man and who always looks brilliant in a Merlin is Mr O Turner. Hence the three photos,  Olly we salute you!!!!