More boring news!

After the huge efforts to provide a new a committee boat and the amazing job the Welsh Harp Sailing Association have done on the  infrastructure  of the club, the Merlin open isn’t going to happen. It was always going to be marginal,  but we were hoping that because it was  the last proper Merlin open meeting for the fleet last year , this could have heralded the start of a new and more normal season.

 Mind you  the event is always cold and generally windy and  with three back to back races  its tough on crews,

                              Livvy we salute you!



Another different year ahead of us.

Normally at this time of year we would be very busy preparing for the dinghy show, this year  would have been our 36th appearance as an exhibitor having started at Crystal Palace in 1985.

Pickets lock (1978 to 1982) although it was not open to retailers we were there to  support  the Merlin’s  and Wembley Sailing Club,  so the O Neill’s have been a  part of the Dinghy show for over  40 odd years!


It’s so sad that the club sailor who finds and restores a dinghy to a fantastic standard  (probably  a boat he sailed in his  youth), will not be able to take it, show it,  and let all of us admire it!

Like this stunning wooden  merlin.

Finally its not about the event, it’s about the people and meeting friends!


It really is very nice have work going out.

We are at the beginning of the season,  but  this is like no other season we have experienced in our lives,  nobody really knows what will happen. Normally we would be preparing for the Dinghy Show, orders would be coming in and  it would be all hands to the pumps!   Buying in  some raw materials has been tricky but at the moment it all seems to be okay.

However we are very lucky that we have work

Another lockdown!

The shop is now closed but we are busy manufacturing trailer spares,  decorating our stores,  taking trailer orders for later  in the year,  returning emails, and answering the phones.



It is always better to re-use than recycle!

We have now completed  the process of re-galvanising some of our  rib trolleys which are used in a salt an sand environment. In spite of the fact that we use the best UK galvanisers and the zinc is very  thick, salt water (basically sodium chloride) is so corrosive, particularly as it is continuously sand blasted by the elements  throughout the year.

So we are delighted that HISC agreed to have 4 trolleys done and  for the first time we have been able to organise this process.

These are the 4 rusty trolleys                                        Re-galvanised and returned                                      Finished product which looks like new!

Re-cycle means re-galvanizing.

We are out collecting RIB trolleys for re-galvanising, it is a fact that the corrosive nature of salt water means that the lifespan of trolleys is dramatically shortened

These  four Rib trolleys will be returned in 6 days and look like NEW.

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