2020 Boot Dusseldorf.

We have had some very positive feedback from our German Dealer from the Dusseldorf Boat Show

where the new 2.4 is on display on one of our new lightweight trolley’s.

A day without rain!

The rain has stopped for a while which gives us a chance to get outside work organised, luckily today was the day Mike Mac chose to bring his MRX up for a service. It is always a pleasure to help people with their boats,  although this particular person in his senior years is still winning nationals, which is quite incredible!

How much does a spare wheel cost!

Well in this case a lack of spare wheel  cost £360, when a customer tried to get to his destination (3 miles) on a flat, basically it destroyed the tyre and rim initially, then the hub and suspension and finally the trolley wheel.

It is very important to have a spare, but to change a wheel unaided you will also need a jack and spanner.

Spare wheels start from £35 to £50 for the two most popular sizes, a jack and spanner say £25.

It is well worth being prepared!

January front page.

Well December  really has been a wet dreary month, some days we have had continuous rain, and West Hendon in those conditions is frankly pretty awful.

Thank goodness we have had loads of orders!!!!!

New super light ally Fireball trolley.

This winter we are increasing our range of ally trolleys to produce a twin cradle Fireball.

As with all  Sovereign trolleys they are a welded structure ( not a bolt together meccano) with foam/astro cradles.

This is the first production model,  which  will be available in January.

Autumn front cover.

It’s that time of year with shorter days and continuous drizzle,when sailing becomes a lot less appealing, but it  is a great time to get the boat sorted. This is Brett and Ben Dingwall   in their workshop near Radlett, working Sundays to get through the backlog.    If you’re thinking of getting your boat repaired it might be an idea to get it booked in and done this side of  winter.

The smallest trolley we have ever made!

This trolley (as odd as it looks) has been designed  for the  2.4, it is mostly aluminium, to give some idea of scale those are standard trolley wheels. This is the first production model  which is being tested now, assuming it all works the next five will be  off to mainland Europe.

2020 The year ahead.

2020 is the chosen year if you want to get married, I can’t think why, but apparently it is.

In 2020 we will have being making trailers for 45 years, so to  mark  this milestone we decided to produce a calendar. It is A3 size and mostly features racing dinghies  which is our core business. The photographs were taken on the south coast, North Norfolk, and at our local club on the  Welsh Harp, by a particularly talented young (ish) photographer.

They will be provided to our trade  customers, but are available for £9.95 delivered, or £7.95 collected.

This months front cover is one of thirteen images used.

September signals the end of weekday evening racing.

As the days get shorter the first victim is weekday evening sailing, our clubs is  Wednesday.

This year has been less well supported  than  last year, and that was less well supported than the year before and so on and so on. Which is all rather sad, we have had lots of inquiries into the subject but still the decline continues.

The  photo shows two MRX’s on the Harp during one evening race, throughout that race they  were never more than two boat lengths apart, it was a proper scrap. The point is, using all methods at your disposal try and make sure there is at least one other competitor who is your standard and speed.  There is nothing more boring than flogging around a course on your own, which could end up with you giving up!

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