Old Merlins R-Us

It is excellent to have a beautiful wooden Merlin in the yard, this one for a new mast.

I hope they last forever!!!

Bertii watersport face masks.

Bertii face  masks are made of spinnaker sail cloth and are perfect for water sport, easy  to wash and dry.

Lots of colours  £6.95 post free.

The Harp’s new committee boat!

For the last 18 month we have been searching for a specific motor boat that we can convert into a start/finish boat for the Welsh harp. It had to be inboard with a proper marine engine, it must have a heater and enclosed cabin for the winters, and an electric winch. This to make members OOD duty a pleasant experience,  hopefully easier to achieve, and it will only need to be re-fuelled once every 6 months.

Finally it is our commitment to bring people back to sailing  on the Harp as the restrictions  are lifted!




It has been a tricky day, a combination of abandoned cars and a local school open day meant we had very little room to get vehicles loaded.

However presence of mind prevailed and it all worked out.


It is very nice to see work going through the system and ending up with the customer!


Feast or Famine!

This morning we had to have the latest delivery lifted in because of all the work in the yard.

What is going on!

Ally solo trolley to fit W/M designed trailer bases.

We have modified our super light ally Solo trolley to work with other brands of trailer bases, they are supplied with either standard pneumatic wheels, sand wheels, or solid but soft, and there is a jockey wheel attachment point.

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