Every picture tells a story!

All trailer production has stopped,  our  retail stores  are  closed,  and all office staff  will continue to work from home  until we are told otherwise.  From now on  we will just concentrate on gas, and with a cold snap on it’s way all efforts are  being made to maintain stocks.



One week on!

Perfect sailing conditions today for the Harp,  wind in the best direction and lots of it, a beautiful sunny spring day and the place is empty.

Life really is a bitch!

Its all a bit surreal!

Through our gas supply we come under the  heading of essential services, based on the fact that a lot of low income families and small business’s are reliant on bottled gas.  We have spent a day trying to isolate  our small sales office  from the customers, or isolating the customers from us, depending on your point of view.   We are working with the government recommendation of staying   2 mtrs apart, which  frankly  goes  against everything that the business  has  been about for the last 50 odd years.

Needs must!


I have never experienced a week like this!

Sunday, photographed the Merlins ,  it was quite challenging  I could not fly the drone safely, and the gusty conditions meant we were continually trying to be in a windy spot. However in view of the changing situation we were very lucky that it happened , all other events from now on have been cancelled.

Monday ,  started welding up 49er trolleys,  job to be finished by the weekend,  as I put on my leather apron, respiratory  mask (they are so good these days  you can’t smell  two pack paint through them),  a thin leather glove on my right  hand, a gauntlet on my left, and finally my  hi tech welding mask,  I did think I should be at least protected against this hideous  bug!

Tuesday, opened discussions with tenants both residential and commercial to put their minds at  rest that we are committed to working  with them on the on-going  crisis.

Wednesday, went down to Wickes brought a stack of emulsion, if our tenants  are stuck at home  bored in isolation, they might as well paint their  flats, so it’s not all bad news!

Dinghy show 2020 the last one at Ally Pally.

There were rumours flying around all day Saturday that this was to be the last show in North London, so it came as no real surprise when it became official on Sunday morning. The show is on the move after 25 very successful years at Ally Pally. I am still a little unsure that going south is a good idea,  I hope it does not put off the large contingent that travel  down from the north.

The show was busy and  well organised, this year my boat of the show  was the Ovington Int 14, interestingly in 1985 we brought  a 14 from David Ovington at the Crystal Palace venue. Sadly he is no longer with us but his company lives on and so does their ethos of producing quality racing dinghies.

Dinghy Show is on us again!


There will be a completely new layout for the Dinghy Show this year, whilst I have misgivings about all the traders being in one corner, the organisers felt  it was time for a change, and I really hope its a success.  All of the orders  to be collected over the weekend are now ready, and it really is a mixed bag  OK trolleys, Flying Fifteen road bases, a firefly combi, and a stack of 14 ally trolleys.

I really hope that people will come and enjoy  this amazing event which requires an enormous amount of effort to put together, from the organisers, to the class associations, and the traders.

Looking to buy a second hand Sovereign trailer/trolley read this!

We have had three cases in the last week where people have brought second hand  Sovereign trailers/ trolleys having seen them on line, but none of them are any use.

We have been producing trailers for over 40 years, they are all well made and therefore there are literally thousands and thousands out there, the problem is that most of them are for specific dinghies. So if you are looking to replace a stolen Wayfarer base, then it has to be a specific Wayfarer (108) trailer and I am sorry to say that any trailer base wont fit, even though it has one of our stickers on it!

If you see a trailer or trolley on line that you think might fit your dinghy please phone 0208 202 8629 speak to one of our technical people and just confirm that it will be okay, it could save you a lot of unnecessary travel and expense.


2020 Boot Dusseldorf.

We have had some very positive feedback from our German Dealer from the Dusseldorf Boat Show

where the new 2.4 is on display on one of our new lightweight trolley’s.

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