This has got to be the best bit!

After it’s been  cut, prepared, welded, galvanised, assembled, tested, and  finally  on it’s way to the customer.  This is the bit I enjoy!

Happy days!!!!!!

I know its Christmas Week but!!!

The outstanding order of aluminium didn’t arrive until the Thursday before Christmas, and with rather a lot of outstanding work we decided to go in and get it  done!

2022 calendar!

Its a funny thing I had a 29er on the cover last year and always said that because they were a strict one design they weren’t particularly photogenic, this year it’s a Firefly  which I also said was not  very photogenic. But it’s not about the class it’s about the people, I  absolutely loved  photographing the Fireflies at Hayling this year, they were incredibly well looked after  and watching dad or mum sailing with a young son or daughter was excellent,  and the best way to bring the next generation into sailing!

If you would like to purchase a copy please phone 0208 202 8629 during the day (from 7 to 3) they are £10   plus £2.50 p p

Back to the grind!

Aluminium  supplies are now coming through, although we are unaccustomed to waiting 10 weeks for certain sections, which is very boring!

In the meanwhile we have changed all the consumables on our ally welding kit, you cannot believe the difference it  makes. This week we are manufacturing 49er trolleys.

More congratulations!

The day after Tom’s wedding Chris announced that he and Jo  had got engaged recently on there holiday in Corfu.


After a 15 year whirlwind romance Tom has finally married Rezzy, AND we all had a great Time!


Good news!

At last we are able to provide some models ex-stock, after lockdown with the steel shortages and compliance problems  we were quoting 6 weeks delivery. However  things have steadily got better, so we are now in a position to offer immediate delivery, please phone or email  for more information.


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