Robert Oneill

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2021 Calendar

In May I really didn’t think it would  happen. With virtually no events  the likelihood was that the sailing year was over.

However, sailors will always want to get out and sail when there is wind and sun.

I took advantage of any opportunities, the 13 images selected were from over 1500 taken.

I really hope its a better year next year!

If you want to purchase one they are £9.95 from the shop.


A perfect Day!

Today we used our new committee boat on the Harp.

It was Brilliant!

Finally the club has a reputation of being one of the friendliest clubs in the South    WELL IT IS!

Summer’s over!

The opportunities taking photos for the calendar are getting fewer and fewer so the selection has been made and it’s off to the printers!

Changing season.

This has been a really weird year and we are still producing conventional trailers and trolleys much later than we would in a normally,  so autumn work producing Rib trolleys will be put off until November.

Old Merlins R-Us

It is excellent to have a beautiful wooden Merlin in the yard, this one for a new mast.

I hope they last forever!!!

Bertii watersport face masks.

Bertii face  masks are made of spinnaker sail cloth and are perfect for water sport, easy  to wash and dry.

Lots of colours  £6.95 post free.

The Harp’s new committee boat!

For the last 18 month we have been searching for a specific motor boat that we can convert into a start/finish boat for the Welsh harp. It had to be inboard with a proper marine engine, it must have a heater and enclosed cabin for the winters, and an electric winch. This to make members OOD duty a pleasant experience,  hopefully easier to achieve, and it will only need to be re-fuelled once every 6 months.

Finally it is our commitment to bring people back to sailing  on the Harp as the restrictions  are lifted!



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