I have never experienced a week like this!

Sunday, photographed the Merlins ,  it was quite challenging  I could not fly the drone safely, and the gusty conditions meant we were continually trying to be in a windy spot. However in view of the changing situation we were very lucky that it happened , all other events from now on have been cancelled.

Monday ,  started welding up 49er trolleys,  job to be finished by the weekend,  as I put on my leather apron, respiratory  mask (they are so good these days  you can’t smell  two pack paint through them),  a thin leather glove on my right  hand, a gauntlet on my left, and finally my  hi tech welding mask,  I did think I should be at least protected against this hideous  bug!

Tuesday, opened discussions with tenants both residential and commercial to put their minds at  rest that we are committed to working  with them on the on-going  crisis.

Wednesday, went down to Wickes brought a stack of emulsion, if our tenants  are stuck at home  bored in isolation, they might as well paint their  flats, so it’s not all bad news!