Looking to buy a second hand Sovereign trailer/trolley read this!

We have had three cases in the last week where people have brought second hand  Sovereign trailers/ trolleys having seen them on line, but none of them are any use.

We have been producing trailers for over 40 years, they are all well made and therefore there are literally thousands and thousands out there, the problem is that most of them are for specific dinghies. So if you are looking to replace a stolen Wayfarer base, then it has to be a specific Wayfarer (108) trailer and I am sorry to say that any trailer base wont fit, even though it has one of our stickers on it!

If you see a trailer or trolley on line that you think might fit your dinghy please phone 0208 202 8629 speak to one of our technical people and just confirm that it will be okay, it could save you a lot of unnecessary travel and expense.