Merlin Open at the Harp.

Very lucky with the weather,  this was the Harp pretty much at its  best, good turnout, and the event was well run. Took loads of photos,  my image of the weekend is of Mr Taxi  looking behind, basically he was trying to  determine where  the next boat  was. I  really  would  like to know what he had for breakfast!

Dinghy Show weekend.


Well at least we didn’t have snow this year, Saturday was busy and Sunday was slow, but with all the economic turmoil it was frankly better than expected, credit must be given to the RYA and the centre staff  who once again provided us with  a very well organised show. I  could not decide  which was the Boat of the show because there were too many incredible looking dinghies. I was taken by the beautiful  Albacore, it still is a very good and possibly under rated racing dinghy, but hats off to the deck on the Synergy OK.  We had an Italian family come onto the stand to  buy boots and buoyancy aids, amazingly the 7 year old girl insisted that her father should  not take a plastic bag,  telling him that she was happy to carry her new jacket because plastic is hurting the fish in the sea. Perhaps there is a chance for the planet after all!

The shop then and now!

We are now operating from the yard area behind the existing shop, sadly 80 years after my father and uncle started on West Hendon Broadway, we are no longer a shop. We have a simple office and a massive store area, this has rather been forced upon us because of excessive running costs, so we are like a mini Screw fix. All the fittings, clothing, trailers, and rigging are all still available just go into the yard.

Christmas 2018

Well all the VX one trolleys were finished, we had dinghies in for a re-fit, and a break in thieves stole £2000  of Calor gas,  Christmas  2018 hasn’t been dull.

Still living the dream!!

Scorchio Scorchio!!!


People often ask  what is the best way to deal with welding in a workshop in a heatwave.  Simple avoid it.

Today all the ally 49er trolleys left the works on route to China, (not the easiest item to secure on a van)  I hope they don’t start to breed out there.

Next  week  Flying Fifteens will be finished and sent off to the Lake District, I am confident  that breeding is out of the question up there.

Fathers Day, how brilliant is that!


I am not sure who invented Fathers Day, I have a feeling that it might have been Mr Clinton of Clinton cards, probably not Bill Clinton although in truth he should have just stuck to sending cards.

Both my sons did me proud my eldest came up to work on Saturday and helped with the latest metamorphosis as the business changes. We started as a small caterpillar  and developed into a butterfly during the 70’s we had five shop units full of everything you would need to go on the water. However as the new business rates takes effect and the total destruction of the high street gathers pace, we are turning back into a caterpillar, with very small premises.

My youngest son spent Sunday driving the rib for me and we photographed the Merlins, Fireballs, and Scorpions at Hayling Island Sailing Club. Conditions were bumpy with the short Hayling chop but in photographic terms perfect!

The most photogenic helm, and a man and who always looks brilliant in a Merlin is Mr O Turner. Hence the three photos,  Olly we salute you!!!!


How photogenic is Kiteboarding?

Its is a huge sport now, but having had an opportunity to sit on a beach and watch just normal people jumping high and turning in mid flight was  very impressive.

I have absolutely no idea if it will ever be an Olympic sport but it certainly  is very photogenic.

Our firms outing!

The firms outing this spring was to that very pleasant part of the country Aldeburgh Sufffolk, of course in life there is no such thing as a free meal, so we were delivering.

At this point I would like to thank Henry,  David, Robin, Richard, Johnny, Nick, Bill, and Jerry for there custom in buying a Flying Fifteen trolley from us.

Very cold day at the Harp.

Well another Merlin Open at the Harp and it was freezing, took some photos, after the first race called it a day with third degree frostbite.

Very good turnout though, and some of the crews made very difficult conditions look easy.