Are there really lucky boats?

This months front cover is Katie Nurton and Nigel Ash in the harbour, from this angle a 14 hull looks tiny.

I have to say I really don’t think I have ever really done this class justice in photographic terms, they are so exciting to watch. Having said that I have tried but the conditions have never worked in  my favour. A couple of years ago we were in Hayling bay during  their  open meeting, the wind dropped and the clouds set in, we were left with a grey  boring day.  Just at the point of calling it a day  a mast came crashing down on  a boat almost in touching distance!!  It was a  father and son team in there new bright orange boat, we managed to get them back into the harbour safely without any real damage. I chose not to give them any rigging advice because they seemed to know what they were doing, however I did feel it was going to be a very lucky boat for them.

Finally good luck with your stag  do Tom!