Our modular world.

My life revolves around  ‘ Certificate of Conformity’ personally  I couldn’t tell the difference between a Hyundai, Dacia and a Kia without looking at the badge,  and now all  fruit and vegetables have to be a certain size, but  do we really want everything to be the same?

The simple answer is no and I  really admire anyone who has the courage to try to be different, because  ultimately in the sailing world it’s going to be expensive and  probably  doomed to fail,  these  projects are  always  driven by the heart and not by the  mind.

I recently  visited  Simon Hipkin  on the East coast who builds the H2,  and  I was  delighted  to be shown a new wooden Merlin  under construction  designed by  Gavin Willis with Simons input.

The fleet is so incredibly  competitive  and the deigns are well established and proven, it would however be absolutely brilliant if it all works.