World Complement Day!

Today 1st March 2023 is World Complement Day!

Brilliant: I set out this morning with every intention of being complementary to  suppliers and customers. The day didn’t start well with a major smash on the M1 and I sat there for nearly 3 hours, I got carved up by a black Mercedes with darken windows who thought the best thing to do was to drive along the hard shoulder, then cut across me to get back on the carriage, so no complement for him!!  When I got to work a representative from Affinity Water  told me they were going to close Herbert Road, which was going to make it virtually impossible  for customers and deliveries to get to us, so again no complements to them!! The Galvaniser  arrived and the driver was told the road had been closed, but he managed  to navigate his 7 ton lorry up all the tiny back streets and  then back down Herbert Road from the other end.

This is Ben from Medway Galvaniser and he was the only person I  complemented  today, because everyone else was RUBBISH!!!