It’s all got a bit tricky!

Today two pallets of tyres arrived, it should have been four,  the next delivery will be in the new year and there will be a price increase, and so it goes on.

Its not just raw materials trailer compliance is taking a lot longer and we can only get three tested at once and the cost is £75 per trailer.

From the initial application  through the relevant authorities  takes 6 weeks,  at which point we load,  drive to the test station get the trailer inspected and return  which takes  a day.

I have never known times like this, we have  decided to remove all prices from our  web site and are  quoting for each trailer at the point of first inquiry, but we will maintain that price until Jan 2022.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Race Officer!

This is normally the first thing the  winning competitor says when he makes his speech, (and he is generally a sailmaker)

Having spent a few days at Fed week I wanted to send an image of the team that helped to run the event, this was taken showing  them grabbing a snack  just  before the onslaught.

Finally I would like to thank all Race Officers  and their  teams for running events this summer, well done YOU!


The coolest crew in town!

Spent a few days at Fed Week ( re-named Chichester Race week)  although I can’t think why, anyway enjoyed photographing Fireflies.

Favourite image of the week, seriously how cool is this crew! 

The Weld’s end!

Its not been a brilliant week, but we have prevailed!

Monday our very expensive pulse Mig welder (which doesn’t like the heat) went on strike.

Tuesday we had a H&S inspection which took 3 hours, not really what you need when there is a lot of work to get through.

Wednesday the f*****  back up welder expired, ( yes there has been a marked deterioration  in the language in the work shop).

Thursday new pricing on aluminium and it has virtually doubled in price!

Friday flat tyre on the van, and a woman in a people carrier  drove  into a trailer being delivered.

Interestingly this was seconds before impact.

Finally I am not watching the football tonight!

How fit do you need to be to sail a 14 Int?


Rigiflex trolleys.

Part of our extending range of heavy duty trolleys is the new Rigiflex  360 beach trolley, designed to be launched by a tractor.  There are 4 hull bunk pads  over a metre long to give compete support to help preserve the UV resistant material which the boat is constructed of. Standard equipment includes 10″ wheels,  protected docking arms, prop stand, and towing eye.

Change means opportunity!

Well we have all experienced change recently, but for sailing clubs unable to provide normal sailing/racing there has been a lot going on in the background. Local clubs to us  have all been reviewing  there  facilities and most have been making improvements where possible. The Harp have done a huge amount of work on the shore line, and we recently delivered a trolley  to Hayling for there newly acquired Pilot 500 to be used as an inshore committee boat.

Beautiful Solos!

I was delighted to see that Minz  had  won Y & Y’s  Concours D’Elegance this year, I photographed  Brenda  sailing her at Hayling last year, and I must say the boat on the water looked quite stunning.

As a bit of a traditionalist I  feel  you can’t beat  a varnished wooden deck, I know they are a pain and need to be loved and looked after, but really,  it’s all worth it.

Ben Dingwall has varnished  many different types of wooded boats, but Solos like this one look absolutely amazing I in  spite of  its age,  in fact sometimes the older the boat is the better it  looks!     Don’t forget this is a brush finish!




More boring news!

After the huge efforts to provide a new a committee boat and the amazing job the Welsh Harp Sailing Association have done on the  infrastructure  of the club, the Merlin open isn’t going to happen. It was always going to be marginal,  but we were hoping that because it was  the last proper Merlin open meeting for the fleet last year , this could have heralded the start of a new and more normal season.

 Mind you  the event is always cold and generally windy and  with three back to back races  its tough on crews,

                              Livvy we salute you!