2023 Calendar!

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Maintenance day!

Spent the morning at the Harp working on our committee boat.

The reason for this post is to thank Brian Jeffreys and his team for all the hard work they do, it really is a never ending job, and to Russel Hall for his help in restructuring the steering.

A view that only a drone can give you!

It is incredible how many are now in use, in fact 1.1 million drones were registered in the U.S. in 2019.

What do I think?

Well it’s not great when your own self-lands in the middle of a lake, and don’t forget gravity is always a problem.  As  far as the images  are concerned, well they are absolutely amazing!

Such incredibly sad news.

Everyone  will  remember exactly what they were doing yesterday evening when we heard the news, for a huge number of the population the Queen has been present all our lives.

Our thoughts are for all the Queen’s  family, and my thoughts are for Princess Anne, the mother daughter bond is very strong and forever. I only met her once but in that short meeting I became aware for the first time just how hard working members of the Royal Family are.

Mid week evening sailing draws to a close.

Next week will be  our last Wednesday evening, I cannot believe how quickly the summer has passed.

It seem like yesterday that I was writing  a post celebrating the beginning of our mid week sailing season.

Why did we stop wearing a suit in the workshop?


I love looking in old workshops, this one from the Weald and Downland living museum, where they shoot The Repair Shop.  I  remember driving down to the West Country and collecting an absolutely beautiful wooden Merlin, the boat builders workshop was more modern than this one, but I can see some similarities.

Randomly I have a suit  just like that  one!



Custom trolleys what’s involved!

We are increasingly asked to manufacture one off  aluminium trolleys to suit an existing trailer, to replace a heavy steel one.  It is really not a problem. but they  do take a lot longer to make, we cannot make stocks of components  like axles and draw bars because they are most probably the wrong size. Everything has to be made individually, the average time that an ally trolley takes from the first cut to a completely finished item is a day and a half.