To the team at Chartwell Marine for achieving Quality Management System for Naval Architecture Consultancy, presented to Chris  O’Neill by Professor Bob Cripps.

Chris was a valued  part of the team here at Sovereign  for best part of 12 years,  but decided to move on soon after his 18th birthday.

The finish line.

Last week’s image was of Caroline and Faye  having just crossed the line  overwhelmed with  relieve and joy  for being  first over the line. This image is of Hamish Mackay and Andrew Lawson 100mtrs from the line with 4 boats  close behind and is an image of extreme concentration.


Cover photo.


It is incredible how quickly accidents  can happen, from  seemingly  a very safe sailing day.

VIN numbers!

To answer all the recent questions on preparing a trailer for testing, one of the  most essential elements is the Vin number,  so to clarify.

The VIN ( vehicle identification number)  is a 17 digit coded set of figures that gives the history of the trailer and must be stamped into the frame of the trailer as well as  on the makers plate. It is also worth checking that the coupling height is correct when fully laden  it must be between 395-465mm above the ground when horizontal.

More of the same!

Since my last post I have been asked what is involved for a non-compliant trailer to get  certification via the IVA system ( Individual Vehicle Approval).


1)      Go to then to application for individual vehicle approval.

2)      Fill in the  12 page on line form with all the trailers relevant details including Vin number, which is normally provided by the manufacturer.

3)       Wait  around 2 weeks for your application to be assessed, if there are any mistakes  it will be rejected and you will have to start again.

4)      Once you have been  accepted, you are invited to pay the £70 test fee and book an appointment at a test centre (usually within 50 miles) the average waiting time  is 4 weeks.

5)       Then  take the  trailer to be examined by a  DVLA examiner, if it passes you will be presented with an  IAC ( Individual Approval Certificate), if not there is a chance you will have to start the                 whole process again!

6)       Once passed  you are now legal to use the trailer.

Is it a fun thing to do,  probably not!