At the Harp.

A log jam at the galvanisers has delayed work due in over the weekend , which in truth is the last thing we need at this point of the year.

However it meant we were able to go down to the Harp and watch the Merlin Open Meeting, conditions were at times brutal so it made for great spectators sport and an excellent day to take photoes. 

Welsh Harp Mug Shots.

Well we are now officially 60 if we were married it would be our diamond anniversary. We have chosen not to hand out diamonds to our regular and loyal customers, that would have been very generous but rather expensive, instead we decided on these rather smart mugs!    Very  appropriately we got them from dear old Rob Dulson of Base One who is himself a diamond among men!

Our new welding machine, which comes from France! (Yes France)

Aluminium welding is not easy at the best of times, we have in the past had welding plants that were not that reliable, which makes the job considerably more difficult. When our friends from Barnet Welding suggested that at the moment one of the best plants is made in France I was very surprised. We once had a Citroen, and to be fair we never had to walk home, it was pretty close on a number of occasions! I do remember however getting “big air” over a speed bump when the suspension failed to pump up. With this all in mind I am delighted to say that it has run perfectly for the first 6 months of its life, and the welding results, well they speak for themselves.

Dinghy Show.

Busy weekend, all good though, saw lots of mates, all looking a year older!

  • Best boat of the show?  Well the Flying 10 was certainly exceptional, but this is 2017  so I would have to go with the Cadet (Synergy Marine) and the Albacore (Ovington Boats) as runner up.

Our 60 years anniversary coming soon.

If you  cannot read this original certificate the date on it is   27th march 1957, it was the year that the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, “Which” magazine was published for the first time, and very topically six nations-France,West Germany, Italy,Belgium, Holland, and Luxembourg set up the European Common Market. We are busy organising the Dinghy Show at the moment, but after that there will be some celebrations!

New 29er aluminium trolley

We have just finished a production run of the all  new aluminium 29er trolley,  the first and last are always  returned to  the workshop to check conformity. This one will be dispatched to Ovington  Boats after the Dinghy Show and then  exported to India.    (All aluminium 29er and 49er trolleys are sold through Ovington Boats.)

MP visits the Welsh Harp Boat Centre.

Politics  so  they say  is a  difficult even brutal  business,  one minute you are addressing the nation from the dispatch box, the next you are skipping about in bright clothing with  green makeup (yes bright green) on a Saturday night game show. Politicians have to be tough, that said Mathew Offord came into the shop today and you would find  it hard to come across a more charming man.  Even when I am winging at him about local issues he is always very positive, so we are always pleased to see him. We sadly did not have much time to discuss the state of the economy and   Article 50 because Mathew was far too busy showing photos of his newly acquired GP which he was in the process of restoring. We both believe in the philosophy   in life it is very important to keep a sense of proportion

Sailing Networks

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The Welsh Harp Boat Centre began its life as a Motorcycle Dealer in the 1940’s just after the Second World War. As dinghies became more popular and affordable in the 1960s, O’Neill Bros. as it was then called changed its name, taking inspiration from the nearby Welsh Harp reservoir, so enjoyed by the Victorians.

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